Doughnuts, eyelids and musical bumps...

By eairving, Apr 25 2012 09:03PM

(This is an old post from July 2011)

Hello, I'm Ellie, author of the, quite frankly mad, For The Record, and gosh, what a manic few weeks it's been since it was published! I've visited schools from London to Leeds, I've attempted world records (largely all to do with eating, because I'm massively good at that) and I've met lots of marvellous people who have said incredibly lovely things about the book. It's been brilliant, though my hand's practically seized up from all the signing I've been doing. (I'm really not complaining, though.)

A particular highlight for me was my visit to Bishop's Stortford Junior School last month. I had the opportunity to work with three form classes and we spent a bit of time chatting about the book, thinking up crazy world records that we'd like to break (more doughnut eating from me, naturally, and lots of burps, bogies and super disgusting things from the boys in particular) and doing a couple of writing exercises that I always find helpful when creating my stories. The pupils were brilliantly enthusiastic. Then, we all headed to the field at the top of the school for a picnic (a lovely spread provided by Rosi from RH publicity, thank you kindly for the sandwiches!) After lunch, the whole Junior School attempted to break the World Record for 'the Most people playing a game of Musical Bumps.' Over five hundred pupils took part (and I definitely spotted one or two teachers dancing to the music) which was spectacularly impressive. We're awaiting confirmation from Guinness to see if we've done it, but I'm quietly confident...

Also to mention, I did a talk at Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road last Friday, which went really well. Thirty four children from a local primary school came along, and enjoyed the pictures of crazy world records I showed them. (The 'Heaviest Eyelid Pull' was particularly disgusting!)

I've got a few more school events lined up before the start of the summer holidays, so I'll be back soon to tell all. In the meantime, here's that disgusting record to enjoy. I hope no-one's about to eat; it's not for the faint-hearted!

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