By eairving, Mar 6 2017 03:32PM

Now that the dust (jacket) has settled and I've had plenty of rest over the weekend, I thought I'd write up my World Book Day experiences. I had a fantastic time visiting St Paul's with St Michael's Primary school on 27th February, Mossbourne Parkside Academy on 28th February and for World Book Day itself, Bessemer Grange Primary School! I must say - I received such a warm welcome from all three schools. (Special thanks to the kitchen staff of St Paul's... for providing me with warm cookies for my journey home.) And all three days went brilliantly. What a talented and enthusiastic bunch of little writers! We had a fab time creating interesting characters, giving them one wish and thinking about who or what is going to stop them from achieving their goal. My favourite interesting characters were a fish who, everytime he eats fish food, flies; a Ninja baby and a burping toilet called Dave.

Here are a couple of photos of me in my World Book Day photo - Mary Poppins!!

Until next time,

Ellie x

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